Green Tips to Reduce Waste This Christmas

Christmas is filled with lots of gift wrapping and cards, as well as decorations and trees. There are so many wonderful things that will end up in our trash cans.

These tips will help you save the environment this holiday season.

Green Tips to Reduce Waste This Christmas
Green Tips to Reduce Waste This Christmas

Recycling Christmas wrapping paper and reducing its waste

Wrapping presents is a huge task. You don’t have to let the environment hold you back. Make the most of what you have at your home.

You can decorate an Amazon box by turning it inside out, instead of using one-use packaging.

Reuse the paper bags you bought last week and make them into gift packaging. For Christmas decorations, such as garlands or ornaments, you can also use wrapping paper and gift labels.

Bonus advice: Reuse gift cards from previous year to make gift labels Use your imagination!

Send digital cards to your family members and friends

The digital age is upon us! Santa even uses the internet these days! Digital gift and vouchers are time-saving, cost-effective, and better for the environment.

You can also send Christmas cards to your friends and family. You can send one to your friends and family. They will be digitally delighted about this eco-friendly gift!

  1. Recycle your Christmas Tree

It’s so wonderful to smell a real Christmas tree for so many weeks. But, what should we do with it? It can be recycled!

You can check the website of the Dublin Zoo or the council. There is usually a Christmas tree recycling program. You have two options when it comes to Christmas tree recycling in Dublin. You can either drop your tree off at one of their drop-off points, or you can have it collected at your house. Google your local spot.

  1. You might consider renting Christmas decorations this holiday

A Christmas decoration or tree rental is an alternative to buying one.

This option comes at a price, but is very affordable. It includes real decoration and potted trees of fir that you can water according to the instructions.

Additional Tips to Reduce Christmas Waste

  • Make a list. Check it twice! Get what you need
  • To avoid clutter, buy an eco-gift voucher or charity gift. You can shop locally and/or search for fair-trade products.
  • Consider alternative wrapping options, such as buying recycled paper or making it yourself.
  • Reusable plates, cups, bags are better than throwing out items. Purchase loose vegetables, fruit and meat.
  • Gift bags and boxes from the year past can be given a second life and made even more beautiful! Make sure to set up a REUSE container. You can keep your favorites cards for making fun personalised gift cards next Christmas or keeping the kids busy during winter nights.
  • You can use your Brown Bin to collect plate scrapings, and/or vegetable peelings for compost.
  • Segregate your waste. If you are unable to reuse it, then recycle paper, gift wrap and greetings cards. Don’t forget to wash your squash
  • Buy LED Christmas lights and battery chargers for all those games.
  • Recycle batteries
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Are you looking for something unique and original? You can make your own Christmas decorations.

You can make Christmas stars from twigs found in your garden. Use ice sticks and aluminium cake molds.

Also, use branches, twigs, and pinecones from your Christmas tree for your wall wreaths or doors.

These tips will show you how to reduce waste and recycle it. Plus, your Christmas will be the most beautiful, that’s for certain!