In-Frame Kitchen in County Dublin

Interested in finding a reliable place in Dublin where to buy In-Frame Kitchen why not consider InHouse Craft?

Choosing a framed product will give you peace of mind that you have put the longest lasting and most elegant furniture into your kitchen space that money can buy.

In-Frame Kitchens in County Dublin
In-Frame Kitchens in County Dublin

In-frame kitchens provide you with a beautiful, streamlined design

Recognised for the craftsmanship that goes into them, in-frame kitchens provide you with a beautiful, streamlined design.

The style is composed of slightly smaller doors that sit within the cabinet frame attached to exposed butt hinges or concealed soss hinges, with precise measurements taken to ensure that the door sits perfectly within the carcass.

Although in-frame kitchens have been found in homes for hundreds of years, the unrivalled craftsmanship has boosted their appeal in recent years thanks to their flexibility with colour and design.

In addition, the durability has meant that they’ve become a popular choice for those who are considering a kitchen renovation.

Three Advantages of In-Frame Kitchen from InHouse Craft

  1. Modern in-frames have a simple and elegant look. This type of kitchen design looks better no matter the style of your kitchen. The edges of the cabinet doors are less likely to show wear and tear, making your kitchen look great for longer.
  2. Inframe Kitchens are stronger. The frame adds strength to the cabinet which in true adds durability to the kitchen – its a win win!
  3. In-frame kitchens use a much more rigid form of construction. While in-frame kitchen cost is higher than that of a frameless kitchen, the latter tends to be less durable. Because of the extra rigidity and strength the doors will hang correctly and wont be inclined to sag or catch the way on-frame doors invariably do.

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Why choose Inframe kitchens from InHouse Craft?

  • All of our in-frame kitchen ranges are bespoke made to measure products for your new luxury kitchen.
  • With an unlimited set of colours, designs and features our in-frame ranges are one of the highest quality kitchens you can find in the Irish market.
  • InHouse Craft not only follows the latest fashion trends but creates them too.